Non-Traditional Franchise Partners

Caribou Coffee is best in class! We are the brand that transcends generations, delivers an innovative guest experience and drives revenue with our premium offerings and trendy settings. Our license partners include some of the most sophisticated operators in the business from campuses and travel hubs to the dedicated local grocer. Ask us how we can enhance your guest experience!

Why Choose Us?


We already did the heavy lifting and have a full experience designed to accommodate most any space. Our brand awareness will drive guests in and our on-trend menu will keep them coming back.

Full Experience, Caribou Coffee


Our spaces are cozy and warm for a reason. Welcome home. We have been refining and innovating the customer journey for almost 30 years. We meet our guests where they’re at or where they’re going.


Caribou has been brewing the industry’s best talent since 1992. Our operations team supports you every step of the way — from pre-opening training and ongoing coffee education to everyday best practices.