Access, Deletion, Opt-Out Request Form

If you are a California resident, the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) provides you with certain rights with respect to your data. If you are a California resident, we have created the form below to assist you in submitting these requests. Please see our California Privacy Policy for more information about these rights.

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Important Election Information for Rewards Program Account Holders: If you are making an election to either delete your personal information or opt out of sharing/selling your personal information and have a Rewards Program account for any of our brands, your election will affect your Rewards Program account as described below. For more information about our Rewards Programs, visit

a. Such elections will effectively prevent access to your Rewards Programs account and/or your participation in our Rewards Programs, and we unfortunately must treat such elections as a withdrawal from all of our companies’ Rewards Programs, and your account for the Rewards Programs will be terminated. Upon termination of your Rewards Program account, all points, rewards and other offers associated with your account will be deemed forfeited, for which no consideration will be given.

b. If your account for the Rewards Programs has a U.S. dollar funds balance loaded on the account, your funds balance will be transferred by us from your Rewards Program account to a substitute funds access code which will be sent separately by us to you by email.

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