Ten things to know about cold press


Happy Cold Brew Day … or as we say here at Caribou Coffee, Happy Cold Press Day! Whether you drink iced coffee all year long or wait until the temps rise to order your first chilly drink, you know that cold coffee just hits the spot in a special way.

While many competitors serve cold brew and cold press coffee, we do things differently — starting with our roasting process. “As a cup profile for most of our coffees, if not all, we do prioritize sweetness as an attribute,” explains Green Coffee Sourcing Manager Brian Aliffi. “Because this process caters to a sweeter cup in general, I think you get a lot more sweetness. It is far less bitter than others because of the native sweetness in the coffee, the method that we used to extract it and our roasting.” Some iced coffees and cold brews can taste burnt or overdone, but that’s definitely not the case at Caribou. “[Our coffee] is roasted in a way that accentuates the sweetness and gives it the roasted quality without tasting burnt and bitter,” Brian says.

Below, discover 10 of our favorite things about Cold Press coffee. Don’t blame us if you immediately pull out the app and order a delicious drink of your own after reading this exhaustive list. (In fact, you’ll thank us.)

two cups of caribou coffee cold press

1. Good things come to those who wait. 

If you think cold press coffee is simply pouring brewed coffee over ice cubes, think again! To brew cold press coffee, you soak coffee grounds in lukewarm or cold water for anywhere from 8-24 hours, then filter it and enjoy it to your preference. It’s a bit of a time commitment, but the end result is so worth it.

2. It’s easy to DIY at home.

You don’t have to be a BOUrista to make a great glass of cold press. “It can be very simple,” explains Brian. Grab a half-gallon pitcher, add your grounds, pour some water over it and let the combo make its magic. “Typically it’s a half-pound of coffee to a gallon of water, but you can scale back to a quarter-pound coffee to half a gallon of water.” You’re not required to refrigerate the mix as it brews, but you can if you like. After about 12 hours have passed, Brian recommends filtering it with a cone filter, filter basket or cheesecloth, whatever you have handy.

3. If you make a large pitcher of cold press at home, you can enjoy it for several days. 

Future you will be thrilled with a fresh cup of cold press waiting in the refrigerator in the morning. “It’s going to be good to keep for three or four days,” says Brian. “Make about as much as you think you can drink in [that time] — treat it like leftovers.”

4. The flavor is oh-so-smooth. 

Don’t want to DIY it? Visit your favorite Caribou Coffee location to enjoy an equally delicious glass. Our process results in a smooth sipping drink with a less acidic profile than you’ll find elsewhere. 

5. It’s so much more than just cold coffee.

Take your Cold Press one step further and go Nitro! We add nitrogen to Cold Press for a foamy and creamy twist on the classic cold coffee. (We love it with Espresso Whip.) You’re also enjoying Cold Press when you order a Crafted Press. Our Iced Crafted Press uses cold press coffee as the base, then blends it with cream, milk or non-dairy milk, sugar and flavor for a lighter-than-air finish.

6. Buy it in bulk for at-home sipping.

Grab a 64-ounce growler of Cold Press to really satisfy those cold coffee cravings. It’s perfect for weekend get-togethers and cabin trips.

7. Take it to go with cans.

You can also enjoy our smooth and rich Cold Press via convenient cans, including original and vanilla (made with cream, real sugar and vanilla, of course). Toss them in the fridge so they’re icy cold when you’re ready for a refresh.

8. Add a cloud of Oatmilk Cold Foam 

Cold Press and Oatmilk Cold Foam are the perfect pair — trust us. The light and frothy cold foam adds just a hint of sweetness and an indulgent texture.

9. Customize it your way.

Whether you’re enjoying it from the nitro tap, blending it up with a Crafted Press or sticking with the classics, you can make Cold Press your own in so many different ways: non-dairy milk like oatmilk or almondmilk; flavor shots; your choice of whip or cold foam; even a little drizzle of honey! 

10. It makes great ice cubes too. 

Have leftovers in your fridge? Don’t dump them down the drain! To save excess cold press, pour it into an ice cube mold and freeze it, then use those cubes in your future iced coffee drinks. Double the caffeine, double the flavor, double the deliciousness.