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March 28th, 5:54am

Dear ‘Bou Guests,
Coffee and Community fuel us. It’s how we start good days and gear up for late nights. It’s how we provide comfort, warmth and stamina, and now more than ever, it’s providing purpose. Caribou Coffee has been identified as part of the critical Food + Agriculture sector so we are continuing to step up, stay open where we can, and serve.
Your ongoing support and appreciation allow us to keep Caribou open for business and our team’s livelihoods intact. As a local coffee company with deep roots and a strong community connection, we are infinitely grateful.
In return, we pledge to continue to serve you with your favorite Caribou order as you kick off your 14+ hour shift or need a hard-earned pick-me-up in the middle of the day. And together, we will continue to serve our communities by donating community canteens of hot coffee, cans of cold brew, and cups of freshly brewed coffee to healthcare workers, emergency childcare workers, grocery workers, and other hometown heroes.
As you know, we have moved to a limited access model at our stores and will continue to further emphasize physical distancing as we prioritize team and guest safety. Drive-thru, Order Ahead (via our app), and carry-out are open for business and may vary slightly store to store.
We also expanded Uber Eats delivery to 60 total stores TODAY. Check out the Uber Eats app to find a delivery location near you. Next week, we will be bringing curbside to most neighborhood stores (stores without a drive-thru). We appreciate your patience and feedback as we roll out these new services.
Our roastery is still small-batch roasting, so we will continue to serve you online with free shipping, on grocery store shelves, in our app, and at our stores.
We will also temporarily close some stores and, whenever possible, find new roles for our team members within our company. If we are unable to do so, we are working with each individual to identify which benefits, including emergency pay, they are eligible to receive. We continue to respect and honor our team members who would rather not serve at this time, and will make every attempt to hold their position until this crisis passes, while helping them apply for additional assistance through government programs.
Thank you. We will continue to update you here. We are your local Caribou and we look forward to serving you soon.
With love from your Caribou team,
President & CEO

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