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Our Roastmasters are personally responsible for all our coffees. They've spent years in the field "quite literally" discovering and delivering the best coffees from around the globe.

A note from our Senior Director of Coffee Sourcing & Operations:

I am in my 20th year with Caribou Coffee. I started roasting our beans in 1995 using a small shop roaster in the historic Warehouse District of Minneapolis. It was an exciting time to be at Caribou. We developed and launched most of our legacy blends that our raving fans have come to know as an integral part of their everyday coffee ritual – whether it be at home, at work, or in one of our invigorating coffee shops. We dabbled with adjusting the roast profile and degree to create signature coffee flavors for mainstays such as Daybreak Morning Blend, Mocha Java Blend, and even La Minita (which we still carry to this day as a Caribou exclusive!). But as I reflect on those formative years that were so experimental and even avant-garde I can honestly say that there is no better time to be with Caribou than today. This leads me to the question I often get asked when people learn of my life’s ambition and dedication to creating the best coffee the world has to offer: “Why is Caribou’s coffee better?”

This of course presents itself as a trap. Because although such a curiosity comes from an honest and gracious place, nobody wants to hear you trail on and on about your work, especially if you start talking about all the exotic places you visit during the darkest part of Minnesota winters! So the best way for me to sum it up in the shortest way possible is to say, “It’s our people.” You see, coffee is made expressly for the purpose of enjoyment. It is the most widely consumed beverage in the world (aside from water). Coffee is part of our daily rituals but is also part of forming social connections and contains the world’s most popular stimulant. Coffee presents itself daily as a promise of potential, and at Caribou we understand that we have to deliver that promise to our coffee confidants each and every day. Our roastery and sourcing department are filled with people who are committed to going the extra mile for our customers, each and every day. They are true aficionados that consider a life in coffee as a life lived well.

There are also technical aspects that ensure the finest cup. Caribou Coffee’s roastery and cupping lab is a world-class coffee facility! We rigorously taste our coffee at multiple points throughout its journey and only select the finest quality beans. Our quality lab, which is dedicated to our original roastmaster, Amy Erickson, is always the hub of activity where blends are being developed, technicians are cupping their day’s creations, and buyers are slurping and spitting offers from producers and vendors from all parts of the world. The cupping lab is in fact the alpha and the omega of every bean that has the privilege of gracing itself with Caribou’s name. Our roastery is the world’s most sophisticated coffee kitchen, designed and built with a primary focus on quality. Only the best equipment with the latest technology from Europe and the United States is good enough to transform Caribou’s coffee from raw green bean to freshly roasted bliss. And at every step of the transformation process the same roastery staff are responsible for a myriad of quality checks to ensure only the most delicious results.

Brett Struwe

Sr. Director Coffee Sourcing & Operations

Green Coffee Selection

Our coffee is made from the finest Arabica beans. We painstakingly take time to maintain worldwide grower relationships and closely control quality standards to find only the highest-quality beans.

Creating Unique Coffees

Our Roastmasters use their cupping expertise to create new and interesting offerings. They're the experts behind our unique and sought-after coffees.
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Simply stated, coffee tastes best when it's fresh. That's why we hold ourselves to some of the industry's most stringent freshness standards.

Sustainability in Our Coffee Sourcing

Our buying activities help support and improve our coffee-producing communities.
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All-Natural, Chemical-Free Decaf Coffee

The highest bean-sourcing standards. An all-natural, chemical-free decaffeination process. The same great Caribou Coffee flavor.
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