These are some very cool beans.

Cold ‘Bou is coffee roasted and ground for cold brewing at home. It features a juicy berry flavor with notes of honey. Morning, day, or night, get your chill on with a tall glass of cold brew. Best enjoyed while gearing up for a big adventure!

Always brew cold!


Mix 1/2 a bag with 64 ounces of water.


2. Steep overnight (in fridge or out of the fridge!)


3. Filter out grounds, chill, and enjoy!

Made for Cold Brew

Cold ‘Bou is carefully roasted and coarsely ground for making chilled-to-perfection cold brew at home. The beans from Colombia provide a clean, bright acidity and the washed Ethiopia beans provides sweetness with fruity and honey notes

Your ‘Bou. Your Brew

Cold ‘Bou works with any at-home cold brewing set up. Go ahead and make it in a mason jar! You do you.

Mason jar of Cold 'Bou cold brew
Roasted by 'Bou for cold brewing at home. Two Cold 'Bou Bags.

Grab your Bag

Buy a bag of Cold ‘Bou today and before you know it, you’ll be sipping chilly.