About Amy

Strong. Inspiring. A friend. Our roastmaster.

Amy is a lot of things. But she was never defined by her cancer.

Amy Erickson was Caribou Coffee’s original roastmaster, who lost her battle with breast cancer in 1995. As a tribute to Amy, and to support those with breast cancer, we created the Amy’s Blend collection. Every October for the past 19 years, Caribou Coffee has donated 10% of retail coffeehouse proceeds from Amy’s products to support women and men impacted by cancer in Caribou communities.

For the third year in a row, 10% of all retail coffeehouse proceeds will go to CancerCare, a national nonprofit committed to helping people cope with cancer*. This year, Caribou Coffee Amy’s Blend coffee will also be available on the shelves of select Caribou grocery stores throughout the country, so that even more fans can participate in this important cause. For every 11 oz. bag of Caribou Coffee Amy’s Blend sold in grocery stores, an additional $0.50 will be donated to CancerCare*.

'*10% of all Caribou Coffee Amy’s Blend sales in coffeehouse locations go to CancerCare. Minimum donation of $100,000 and maximum donation of $250,000.