Coffee, crosswalks and community: Celebrating Pride with Caribou


At Caribou Coffee, we believe in more than just serving a great cup of coffee. Our coffeehouses are vibrant hubs of conversations, belonging and community. And during Pride, one of our Atlanta coffeehouses embraces this role as it is uniquely situated on the city’s rainbow crosswalk. The coffeehouse serves as a gathering place for the LGBTQ+ community, fostering connections and hosting events that promote inclusivity and safety.

From sponsoring local Pride festivals to empowering our team members to express their individuality through our core value of Be Yourself, we celebrate diversity and embrace inclusivity this month and all year long.

The ‘Bou Truck will return to Twin Cities Pride for the third year for plenty of fun.

A rainbow in the dark

Over the last few years, rainbow crosswalks have started to appear in metropolitan cities all over the world and don the art of the rainbow flag as a way to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community all year round, but especially during the month of Pride. They communicate to those individuals that regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity that they are valued, seen and heard.

One of our coffeehouses in Atlanta, Ga. is in a unique position to help celebrate Pride because of the specific crosswalk it connects with. Right outside of our coffeehouse at Tenth Street and Piedmont Avenue is a rainbow crosswalk. Originally painted in 2015 as a temporary fixture to celebrate Atlanta’s Pride festivities, the rainbow crosswalk was quickly washed away after a matter of weeks. But after a petition was created with over 20,000 signatures, the Atlanta rainbow crosswalk was here to stay serving as a permanent reminder of the strength and resilience of the LGBTQ+ community.

Making a difference in the community

Caribou Coffee is a place for people to connect over more than just a great cup of coffee. It is a place to celebrate being together, in person and in the moment. Last year our Tenth Street and Piedmont Avenue coffeehouse hosted a session with the Atlanta Police Department Liaisons for LGBTQ+ Community, Hispanic Community, and College Student Safety groups. General Manager Kenny Boone revels in the opportunity to foster relationships and build connections with Caribou serving as a community gathering place.

The Atlanta Pride Parade is the biggest event of the festival and often draws more than 100,000 people along the streets of Midtown Atlanta. Because of the parade route, the coffeehouse transforms into a giant gathering place. Individuals of all ages, gender identities and backgrounds want to be there due to the sense of community the coffeehouse has created.

“Our store has really become a space that fuels a sense of belonging for so many LGBTQ+ people in the area, especially during the month of Pride,” says Kenny. “The day of the parade is an exciting day for our entire team. It’s so fun to embrace the event and see people celebrate their true selves.”

Sip with pride

This year, Caribou Coffee is proud to be offering a Pride-inspired tumbler in retail stores and online. The proceeds from the Be You tumbler will go to support year-round education and community service programs for LGBTQ+ people and organizations through Rainbow Circle, the community programming division of Twin Cities Pride.

And last but not least, the Caribou Coffee ‘Bou Truck will be at the 2023 Twin Cities Pride Festival.

“The Twin Cities Pride Festival is one of our most popular ‘Bou Truck events of the year,” says Brand Activation Manager Lyndsey Boggs. “We have such a blast and it is looked forward to by guests and team members alike.”

Join us in celebration in Minnesota on June 24 and 25 to sip on your favorite ‘Bou beverage or snag a limited-edition Pride-inspired tumbler. We hope to see you there!

caribou coffee's 2023 pride inspired tumbler
Pride-inspired tumbler celebrates everyone’s individuality while proceeds go to support Rainbow Circle.