Self-Pourtraits Series: Hispanic Heritage Month with Carlos Isais


As a member of the Guest Relations team, Carlos Isais is one of the many voices of Caribou Coffee that communicates with our guests. Between responding to website inquiries and comments on social media (and everything in between), Carlos lives out our purpose each time he interacts with our guests by trying to make their day a little bit better.  Carlos’ work at Caribou is holistic. He takes what he learns from our guests and provides helpful feedback to our store teams and leadership, collaborating with our Support Center team to continually improve and evolve the way we meet our guests’ needs. 

“In every role I’ve held at Caribou Coffee, providing great service, experiences, and connections with our guests have been top priorities in my work and in my heart,” says Carlos. “I lead with empathy and understanding, and my journey with Caribou has brought me to a spot where I can bring my personality and experience to resolve tough problems for our guests and make an impact through the mindset of servant leadership.” 

photo of Guest Relations Team Member Carlos Isais smiling while holding a caribou coffee cup
Carlos Isais, a member of our Guest Relations team, celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month year-round through music.

Our unique lived experiences make individuals valuable as leaders. Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 through Oct. 15) is a time for us to not only acknowledge the diversity of experiences, but celebrate them, too.  

“To me, the importance of Hispanic Heritage Month stems from the understanding that there are so many diverse populations that exist under the term ‘hispanic,’” explains Carlos. 

“The Hispanic ethnicity points to persons who are of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Salvadoran and Spanish descent, along with over 15 other prominent South American countries of origin,” Carlos continues.

“I’m proud to consider myself a member of the Chicano community, but I recognize too that many, many important historical figures and members of our society today who are honored during this time share a different story and background.”  

To Carlos, Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to honor the histories, cultures and contributions of Hispanic Americans whose actions have made a forever-lasting impact on the world. He believes the observance is as important as, “the heroes who inspired it.” 

When asked about his favorite ways to celebrate the month, Carlos didn’t have an answer. Not because he doesn’t observe Hispanic Heritage Month, but because the occasion is a year-round celebration. 

“I hold a special place in my heart (and headphones) year-round for musical artists who have shaped classically American music and/or Chicano music as we see it today,” says Carlos, referring to the likes of Carlos Santana, Robert Trujillo, Elvis Crespo, Joan Baez, and Ritchie Valens.  

“If these artists are familiar to you—awesome! If they aren’t…Also awesome! Give them a listen. You won’t regret it,” encourages Carlos.  

We’ve compiled a playlist of some of Carlos’ favorite artists—take a listen! And if you need a recommendation for a beverage to pair with the tunes, Carlos’s go-to is our Sumatra Single Origin Coffee. And for when he’s feeling indulgent, it’s the Mint Condition Mocha. Cheers!

a bag of Caribou Coffee's single origin sumatra blend coffee
Carlos’ favorite, our Sumatra Single Origin Coffee. This earthy medium roast with a mineral body is warmed with rich, pure vanilla and brown butter flavors.