Pride Month: Embrace, share and celebrate


“Pride to me means finding peace and strength in knowing exactly who you are. The entire world has expectations for how we should look or dress or talk or who we should love, but being true to yourself, who you were born to be, is truly having Pride. Pride isn’t just for you, the individual; it’s meant to be embraced, shared and celebrated within a community of inclusivity.”

–Dacia Miller (she/her), Area Manager

Embracing your pride

Caribou Coffee’s core values encourage our teams, guests and communities to show up as their authentic selves. From highlighting our incredible leaders, to cheers-ing our new Pride Tumbler and Sticker Pack, to supporting our local communities, this month we embrace, share and celebrate Pride through the voices of our LGBTQ+ team members and allies.

caribou coffee pride tumbler with rainbow stickers
Sip with Pride! Our 2022 Pride merchandise was created collaboratively with members of our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Alliance (DEIA) Advisory Board, comprised of team members and leaders from our coffeehouses and Support Center.

“Caribou’s culture encourages me to bring my whole self to work every day, not to minimize who I am to fit into a ‘business’ culture,” explains Lydia LeTourneau (she/her), Training General Manager. “I am loud with my words, my clothes, my communications, and even my trivia questions, and I still feel like I belong.”

In the midst of celebrations, Caribou ordered branded pronoun pins for all team members. While promoting a safe space for everyone to feel welcome, honoring preferred pronouns is an additional way we recognize and validate individuals’ identities.

For some of our team members, pronoun pins are a way to embrace our core value to Be Yourself.

“I have this awesome Love is Love pin I like to wear, as well as a pronoun pin,” says Melon Metobo (he/him, they/them, it/its), Shift Leader. “I also do the things that make me happiest, like wearing makeup, extra cool clothes, or just wearing my hair a certain way. I don’t let anyone put down my style. I come to work and I bring my awesomeness with me! My pride is all part of the package.”

Pins symbolize more than just an individual’s preferred pronouns—they are a step in providing an inclusive workspace where our team members can come and express who they truly are. When a Caribou team member shares their story or wears a Pride pin or shirt, it helps show others that our coffeehouses are a safe space.

Dacia Miller tries to live every day with a Pride spirit. This includes creating a safe space for everybody within her sphere of influence, especially during Pride Month.

Sharing your pride

It’s one thing to celebrate Pride, but the real magic happens when you share it.

“During Pride Month, I use this time to highlight the past and current barriers that members of the LGBTQ+ community face,” continues Miller. It’s so important to learn about the struggles that the community has faced in the past, and even more motivating to see all that there is left yet to do. Many people, both inside and outside of the LGBTQ+ community, are unaware of the current hurdles that we face. During Pride Month, it is easier to spark real and lasting change through education, awareness, open dialogue, and action.”

woman with blue hair, rainbow backpack and tutu waiting in line at the caribou coffee tent at the twin cities pride festival
Join us June 25 and 26 in Minneapolis, Minn. at the Twin Cities Pride Festival.

True action will look different for everyone. But for Joe Thorson (he/him), IT Product Manager, action is through community athletics—rugby, in fact.

June is the busiest month for recruiting new members to the rugby team. Thorson enjoys talking with prospective players and building an inclusive athletic community. He says, “I’ve spent a lot of time telling people I believe in them and to trust an ability they have never used. When they believe me and see what they can do, there is no greater joy.”

Not sure what sharing your Pride could look like? Just try to be the hero you needed growing up.

“I always try to, as the saying goes, ‘be the person you needed when you were younger,’ but it’s more relevant during Pride celebrations being a gay woman myself. Donating time and funds to local alliances and shelters, being an ear for someone who needs a listener, advice giver for those seeking guidance, or the person wearing rainbow shoes knowing there’s someone out there who will see them and feel assured that they are not alone are just a few drivers,” says Emily Hilbrands, (she/her), Training General Manager.

Celebrating Pride

The Pride celebrations are just getting started! Join us in Minneapolis, Minn. on June 25 and 26 for the Twin Cities Pride Festival. Cool down at the ‘Bou Truck with your favorite beverage, limited edition Pride merch and good vibes.