How we celebrated the launch of Amy’s Blend this year


The launch of Amy’s Blend is one of the most anticipated Caribou Coffee events of the year, for team members and guests alike. In celebration of our original roastmaster, Amy Erickson, team members pull out all the stops to honor her legacy. Tie dyed shirts? Check. Colorful wigs? Always. Tutus and glitter? No doubt. The anticipation builds for weeks. The first sign of the upcoming launch usually starts with vibrant chalkboards donning colors outside of our typical Cariblue. Hot pinks and deep purples pique our guests curiosity as our team members embrace their inner Picasso, creating colorful chalkboard art with the Amy’s Blend packaging as their muse.

Mathias Grove drawing with chalk on chalkboard at Caribou Coffee
Shift Leader Mathias Grove embraces his inner Picasso by creating chalkboard art inspired by Amy’s Blend.

Here at Caribou, Making Fun Happen is one of our core values. And when it’s time for our yearly launch of Amy’s Blend, we make a LOT of fun happen. Meet Mathias Grove—Shift Leader by day, artist by night. (Seriously, he goes to school for this.) Mathias has worked at Caribou for almost five years, and while his crafting of beverages has always been art in and of itself, this was the first time he used the chalkboard as his medium. And we’re glad he did.

Headshot of Shift Leader Mathia Grove smiling in front of chalkboard art at Caribou Coffee
Shift Leader Mathias Grove’s favorite way to enjoy Amy’s Blend? “Dark Roast, straight up.”

Inspired by the blend’s vibrant packaging, Mathias spent 90 minutes completing the grandiose mural at our coffeehouse near Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis, Minn. Dozens of guests commented on the work, sparking conversations about the creation of the adored Amy’s Blend and the impact it has made since debuting more than 20 years ago.

The love of Amy’s Blend stretches beyond the beans. Since 2019, Caribou has joined forces with Girls on the Run, a national non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum that creatively integrates running.

While 10 percent of Amy’s Blend proceeds are always donated to Girls on the Run, we kick it up a notch by giving back 100 percent of proceeds on a special day each year. This year, it was April Fool’s Day. No joke! Our teams rallied to sell 3,645 bags that day. While we love selling beans, we get even more excited to see the impact it makes on our communities. Those bags make it possible for more girls to unlock their power and potential, just like Amy did during her time here at Caribou.

Headshot of Caitlyn Tomlinson Hanson smiling while holding a bag of Amy's Blend
Light Roast Cold Press is Caitlyn’s favorite way to enjoy Amy’s Blend.

No one celebrates Amy’s legacy quite like Caitlyn Tomlinson—Training General Manager at our coffeehouse in Richfield, Minn. Caitlyn joined the ‘Bou crew back in 2019, the same year we began our partnership with Girls on the Run. Caitlyn and her team go all out. Of course, with purple and pink galore, but also with friendly competition among her team to see who can sell the most bags—all in the name of empowering young women with every bag sold. “We love to support not only Amy’s Blend, but Girls on the Run as a whole. It is such an amazing, empowering program that every woman can relate to,” Caitlyn says.

In the sea of purple and pink, the true purpose of Amy’s Blend is never lost. Caitlyn sees every bag sold as a way for a young girl to participate in a life-changing program. “I’m looking forward to how big of an impact not just my store or district can make, but the company can have as a whole this year to support so many young women,” says Caitlyn.

More about Amy’s Blend

Amy Erickson was our original roastmaster. She was integral in developing the innovative brewing techniques that are still implemented by our roastmasters today. As a driving force behind shaping the brand’s product standards, Amy led by sharing the importance of taking the seed to cup in the most responsible, loving, and caring way. She ensured that every bean was high-quality by visiting sources and partners directly to build a connection with the community while practicing responsible farming.

After Amy lost her battle with breast cancer in 1995, we launched Amy’s Blend in her honor and have continued our commitment to the charitable initiative, donating proceeds of Amy’s Blend sales to non-profit organizations that reflect her legacy.

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