Fast Facts

Minneapolis, MN

Number of Locations

  • Almost 500 Company-owned locations
  • Locations in 16 US states and the District of Columbia, as well as in several countries outside the United States

Number of Employees

2009 Revenue
$262 Million

Trading Symbol

Our policy does not discriminate based on race, creed, color, religion or sexual orientation. Our benefits package includes domestic partner benefits for those employees who work more than 20 hours per week

Company Information

Our Story

Here at Caribou Coffee, we believe this to be true: that if passion, hard work and excellence go into an endeavor, the outcome will be a quality experience, and therefore rewarding.


In 1990, during an adventure through the Alaskan wilderness, our founders journeyed to the top of Sable Mountain. After a strenuous climb, they reached the summit and were rewarded with a sensational view: the boundless mountains, a clear blue sky, and a herd of caribou thundering through the valley. That was truly the "aha" moment.

The breathtaking panoramic view became the entrepreneurial vision for Caribou Coffee - a company that believes excellence is a product of hard work, and that life is too short for anything else. This vision serves as a guide as we strive to create a special experience for you here at Caribou Coffee.

Now, we invite you as our guest along this path. Enjoy a moment, or several, filled with the highest-quality coffee and our unparalleled service.


Michael Tattersfield
President and Chief Executive Officer

Tim Hennessy
Chief Financial Officer

Dan E. Lee
Sr. Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary

Alfredo V. Martel
Sr. Vice President, Marketing

Karen McBride
Vice President, Human Resources