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Tis the season(al)

Posted by Brian Aliffi

May 17, 2010 08:54 AM

On Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen...these sentiments seem strangely out of place as we bridge from a showery spring to the promise of warm humid days and luxurious evenings of breezy delight. Almost as out of place as a Central American coffee in December. Confused? Read on.

You ever notice how popular pumpkins are in the fall? Ever wonder why the only pumpkin you can find in March comes in a can? Pumpkins reach their full ripeness as the air begins to chill, the leaves turn Technicolor from their uniform green and outdoor fires increase in popularity. As such fresh pumpkins are sold seasonally, taking full advantage of their innate deliciousness at the peak of ripeness. This is coming around to the point.

I could draw a similar analogy between the pumpkin and coffee. You can easily pick up coffee in a shelf-stable format year-round. What you'd get is still coffee, brown and mild in the cup, delivering that ever-so-popular psychoactive stimulant. Missing would be the traits we value and cherish so. Flavors, wondrous and complex, as diverse as the treats of a certain candy maker's secret factory.

Hoping to maximize your enjoyment of these flavors we chose to offer our Guatemala El Paraiso and Costa Rica Sombra del Poro when these coffees are fresh off the boat. Brimming with intense floral, sweet citrus and vanilla richness or vibrant cherry acidity, rich body and lovely milk chocolaty finish respectively, these coffee are at their best right now. Pick up a can of coffee off the shelf and a pound of one of these coffees and taste them side-by-side at home. Something tells me you'll get it.

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