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Huila, Colombia

Posted by brett struwe

December 13, 2013 14:37 PM

One of constant, yet still unexpected, privileges of traveling to a country of coffee producing origin is the sheer graciousness of the people involved in the farming of coffee. Nate Hrobak (our origin buyer for Colombia)and I are just completing a trip to the department of Huila where arguably the best coffee in the country is grown. But nevermind the fabulous opportunities we have had to cup this extraordinary coffee; the real treat is the people! Whether it be the constant offering for lunch on the farm (often featuring delightfully savory chicken, whose friends are still walking about you!), or the impromptu offer to squeeze fresh a bucket of aguapanela, these folks understand the true meaning of hospitality. More to come on Caribou's efforts in sourcing world-class Colombian coffee, but in the meantime I wouldn't hesitate to encourage an excursion to the finer places in the Colombian coutryside.

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brett struwe

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Blending Alchemies

Posted by brett struwe

December 13, 2013 14:36 PM

It's always curious how the seemingly most menial and subtle changes to a blend recipe can have such profound radical effects on cup quality and flavor. It's also reassuring to know there is so much validation for sourcing such a wide array of different coffee origins. Guatemala is distinctive from El Salvador, which is distinctive from Costa Rica, etc. And even within a country there is a tremendous amount of disparity and variety. Reduce a blend by 10% of one Central American quality and replace it with 10% of another, and you suddenly get brothy instead of cider. Who knew?!?!

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