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Hacienda La Minita 2014

Posted by brett struwe

January 05, 2014 09:47 AM

Spending some quality time with six esteemed Caribou compatriots who have earned the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica and spend time with our valued supplier, La Minita. This offers key people in the Caribou family the first-hand experience of walking one of the world's most prestigious coffee farms, and gaining the insight into their quality controls and operations from field to mill to cup. These types of excursions for folks such as our store managers, human resource personnel, and business services representatives is what makes Caribou a breed apart from other coffee companies that don't live and breathe this sort of coffee culture. So the next time you're in a store, feel free to ask more about our La Minita Peaberry, and there might just be a chance that the person you're talking to has been there and can share their personal experience.

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